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Why Support The Big Stir?

  • Family violence is a persistent issue that costs our communities in many profound and damaging ways. In Alberta, a recent survey showed that one out of every 10 men believe it's OK to physically assault a woman if she does something to make him angry.

  • You will help take a public stand against domestic violence with a genuine, loving and supportive gesture that is tangible.

  • As a sponsor, you will be affiliated with a truly unique social enterprise phenomenon that has captured the imagination and support of thousands of women and men across Canada over the past seven years. Since launching in Calgary in 2009, over thirty Soup Sisters chapters have opened in 21 Canadian cities, with more on the way!

  • Soup Sisters events raise awareness of the importance of family violence prevention.

  • The event will have high visibility through a variety of traditional and social media channels - attaching your brand to a cause that has a profound impact on our communities and that hundreds of thousands care about.

  • We also decrease by 18-20% the monthly operating costs for shelters through the monthly donation of soup. The savings are applied to other urgent needs.

  • Most importantly through the simple gesture of a community of volunteers making soup, Soup Sisters' goal is to provide sustenance and moral support to those who have chosen to leave an abusive environment and encouragement to those who work at the grassroots level to help end the tragic cycle of domestic violence.

    We thank you for your support and please continue to soup it forward!

Imperial Oil, Lubricants Dept.

'Created a Stir' March 7, 2017 delivering over 500 #hugsinabowl to Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter and Brenda Stafford Centre