Womens shelter The Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter was the first shelter in Western Canada for women fleeing family violence and abuse, and also the first shelter recipient of Soup Sisters in Canada. Through their leadership and support emerged our template for supporting shelters country wide and the appreciation for the value that a bowl of soup has to quietly contributing to the success of thousands of Calgarians on their journeys towards lives free of family violence.

the doorway The Doorway assists teens and young adults from the ages of 16-24 who have made the choice to transition from street culture into mainstream society. We offer delicious soup as a simple gift to nurture and nourish.

awo taan The Awo Taan Healing Lodge provides services and programs to women and children from all cultures, who have suffered from family violence and all forms of abuse, in a uniquely Aboriginal atmosphere. Awo Taan is a 27-bed, full service emergency shelter dedicated to supporting the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being of women during their time of crisis.

rowan house Rowan House Emergency Shelter is a small, short-term women's shelter situated in the foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, just a half-hour south of Calgary. Residential and outreach services are provided with a specialized focus on rural communities.

Womens shelter The YWCA Mary Dover House is a 100-bed transitional home that offers safe, affordable Short Term Supportive Housing to women and children in times of crisis or transition.

Womens shelter The Brenda Strafford Society for the Prevention of Domestic Violence is a second-stage shelter for women and their children who have fled domestic violence. The Centre offers a safe and secure environment. During their six-month stay at the Centre, both women and children are provided with programs and services in a supportive yet independent environment.

Womens shelter Discovery House is a trusted, dynamic Calgary agency devoted to the safety and well-being of women with children leaving domestic violence. We offer stability, hope and opportunity through long-term residential and individualized long-term community and residential support services. Our staff demonstrate a client-focused approach to all aspects of Discovery House operations.

cornerstone Cornerstone is a place where the community's junior high youth can come to find solace from whatever issues that life may be dealing them. They can be assured that they will be greeted by friendly staff and volunteers who are willing to lend an ear and can be positive role models. The centre is a place where youth are encouraged to be themselves and discover their passion and potential.

cornerstone Highbanks envisions a community where parenting youth and their children feel respected, nurtured and valued. They provide individual family unit accommodation and integrates support services for parenting youth and their children.

cornerstone Child and family homelessness is growing at an alarming rate. Our mission is to provide shelter, sanctuary and healing to assist homeless children and their families achieve independence.

Womens shelter The YWCA Sheriff King Home emergency shelter is a haven for women and their children who are fleeing family violence. The goal of the YWCA Sheriff King Home emergency shelter is to provide safety and security and then to establish a transition plan to ensure safety and security can become a regular way of life.

Womens shelter The Wheatland Crisis Society provides ongoing supports and services to women, men and children who are affected by family abuse. They are committed to a vision of a future where our community is free of violence and our citizens are empowered to resolve conflict in peaceful and productive ways.

homefront Since 1986 The Children's Cottage Society has been dedicated to preventing harm and neglect to children and building strong families through support services, respite programs and crisis nurseries. They are a recognized leader in providing effective programs and services to help ensure Safe Children in Healthy Families.

Womens shelter Sonshine Centre is a one-year residential facility with counseling and supportive services for women and children fleeing domestic violence. The Centre provides a safe place for women and children to live during a time of transition. We are a grass-roots organization that has 24 suites and have embarked on a campaign to open a Children's Centre designed to help children affected by domestic violence.

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