About Soup Sisters
      and Broth Brothers

Fast Facts

Create a Big Stir in Your Community!

Soup Sisters offers a dynamic philanthropic hands on team building Big Stir experience. Your teams will roll up their sleeves and engage in an event that brings to the forefront awareness of societal issues, our shared value and how we are working together towards building healthier communities - with the simple gift of comfort - nourishing, nutritious soup.

Your guests enjoy the camaraderie of an inspiring event that will deliver 650-1250 servings of fresh nutritious soup to Calgary's local emergency shelters the very next morning. Your corporate commitment to a private Big Stir event also helps to support Soup Sisters charitable operations.

Finding inspiration to build events that impact your employees and community can be challenging. Soup Sisters understands your end goal and gives you a turnkey recipe for a Big Stir event that brings the community comfort of a Hug In A Bowl to women, children and families in crisis.

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